LULE + CO. was created as a way to offer quality home décor at an affordable price point.

Jessica, a once nursing major, decided it was time to follow her heart and pursue her dreams for good. Family, friends, and strangers alike all agreed her true passion and talent was in home decorating.

With a specialty in custom curated items, Jessica’s attention to detail and eye for design is shown throughout every collection.

As a family owned business in the US, LULE + CO. strives to bring the highest quality items to their customers.

Every pillow cover is hand made per order by Jessica's mother Louanne (LuLe) and her grandmother Jeannette. 

When you purchase from LULE + CO. you are supporting a small, family owned business! 

Meet my mom, Louanne, and my grandma, Jeannette.

These two women are the absolute magic behind the best-selling pillow covers all of our customers are consistently raving about! 

In my mom's childhood, my grandma gave her the nickname "LuLe", hence the reason for our name, LULE + CO.

Both my mom and grandma began sewing in their early years and are now the masters behind the handmade pillow covers we offer.

My mom's sewing story began after looking in Vogue magazine. She was very petite and could never find clothing that fit her just right. As she began sewing, she created her own "custom couture" wardrobe. 

Grandma began sewing for herself at a young age and continued sewing for her children.

Meet Paul - Jessica's brother-in-law!

As a professional jack of all trades, Jessica and her sister Becky always joke that there isn't anything Paul cannot do to perfection.

Here at LULE + CO. we are so lucky to have Paul creating anything custom we may need! Want to see Paul's handiwork in person? Stop by our brick and mortar store in Royersford, PA. Paul remodeled the entire store! You will be in awe over his craftsmanship and woodworking skills!