Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2022

Using the same decorations and color combinations for your Christmas decor year after year can get a little uninspiring. This year, why not think outside the usual red, white and green and bring your Christmas home decor into 2022 with these 20 modern Christmas decorating ideas?

Our pick of the best Modern Christmas Decorating Ideas for 2022

1. Dried florals

Dried Florals

Tap into one of the top Christmas decorating trends this season and garland your Christmas tree in our beautiful dried florals. A sustainable option, this creates a modern and unexpected yet absolutely delightful take on Christmas decor. Opt for a range of bold colors or minimal gold accents and use them again and again for years to come. Got some leftover flowers after decorating your tree? Use them to add some joyful splashes of color to your gift wrapping, or pop them in a bowl with a wooden bead garland and a Christmas candle for the perfect festive coffee table decor. 

2. Wreaths

Festive Wreath

A wreath placed at your front door will have guests feeling festive before they even step foot inside. Choose a wreath that combines natural materials with lush faux greenery for contemporary Christmas decor. Add some ribbon in festive hues for maximum merriment, or consider this faux evergreen wreath with gold bells for the perfect balance of modern and nostalgic. 

3. Wooden beads

Geometric wood bead garland

Natural wood creates a vibe that feels fresh, contemporary, and earthy, especially when paired with festive greenery. It’s no wonder that wooden bead garlands have become a hugely popular way to introduce a more modern take on Christmas. Use these as part of your Christmas tree decoration ensemble, or keep them as the only tree ornament for a minimalist modern look.  You’ll love the way the wooden tones pop against the olive-colored greenery. Opt for a geometric wood bead garland for an even more modern decor aesthetic. 

4. Curate Your Colors

Festive Colour Alternatives

Transform your home into an elegant, modern space by keeping your color palette minimal and making sure that any new decorations you purchase coordinate with your palette. Think outside the traditional red-on-white or red-on-green combinations, and opt for a more on-trend palette. White on white with pops of gold will transform your home into a minimalist winter wonderland, while white and blue are a refreshingly contemporary take on traditional Christmas color palettes.  

5. Create a Modern Mantle

Modern Mantle Decorations

Bring the festive spirit to the center of your home by creating a modern Christmas mantle. Decorate it with a combination of soft, faux greenery, neutral-colored Christmas ornaments, and a wooden bead garland. Add a few dried florals or gold decorations to really make your greenery sing. Don’t have a mantle in your home? No problem! Create a makeshift one by decorating a sideboard, a bookshelf, or a floating shelf.  

6. Stockings

Knitted Beige Sherpa Stockings

Christmas stockings are the perfect way to elevate your modern Christmas decor. Knitted beige sherpa stockings are the ideal combination of neutral colors, simple details, and cozy fabrics, deviating from the usual red, white and green palette and adding a touch of texture and warmth. 

If it’s the color you’re after, add some handmade stockings like our handmade Christmas stockings, adorned with some of your favorite Christmas characters for instant personality and fun. 

7. Touches of black and white

Black and White Christmas Accessories

Add a modern twist to your decor with some unexpected black-and-white accessories. Play around with Christmas stockings, throw blankets, and sofa pillows to add a contemporary edge to your decor, while the addition of some bright gold or vibrant red pops will keep your space joyful. Include wrapped gifts in your Christmas decor by using black wrapping paper and white ribbon, offset with green sprigs and twine. 

8. Go For Gold

Gold cast iron candlesticks

Color isn’t the only option for jazzing up your home for the holidays. Neutral-colored Christmas decor ensures your space is soft, inviting, and festive. For a modern spin and extra shine, add some splashes of bright gold and brass. Geometric gold cast iron candlesticks are the perfect addition to a contemporary table centerpiece, while the considered placement of gold Christmas baubles will pop beautifully against the green foliage of your tree. Don’t forget your dried florals—a bouquet of gold ranunculus stems or a candle ring in fall colors will add instant warmth to your decor. 

9. Kitchen

Faux snowy evergreen in pot

Bring Christmas cheer to your kitchen with some tasteful touches, like a faux fur throw, a small faux snowy evergreen, or a festive votive-scented candle. For the younger chefs in your home, a holiday plaid apron will be the perfect accompaniment to Christmas lunch preparations.

10. A Scandi Christmas

Scandi Inspired Christmas Decor

It seems like the modern Scandi style never goes out of fashion when it comes to interiors. Create a festive Scandi decor by coupling rustic wood elements with soft sheepskin throws, vibrant greenery, and pops of black and white. 

11. Gifts That Keep On Giving

White and Gold Gift wrapping

Don’t overlook wrapped gifts when it comes to planning your Christmas decor. The wrapped gifts sitting under your perfectly decorated Christmas tree are a great chance to bring your aesthetic to life. so think beyond the traditional shiny reds and greens and get creative. Use contemporary black and white wrapping paper, or embellish brown wrapping paper with twine and twigs of greenery. Once your gifts are perfectly wrapped, don’t confine them to sitting under the tree. Line your staircase with them, or add a few to your mantle for a festive decor idea. 

12. Go Natural

Dried Greenery

Bring the outdoors inside to create your very own winter wonderland. Bowls of pinecones and chestnuts or fresh sprigs of pine will instantly create a fresh, earthy, and modern Christmas decor. For a whimsical twist, scatter your decor with small decorations inspired by the great outdoors, such as mushrooms, woodland animals, or a partridge in a pear tree. 

13. Make candles the centerpiece

Cream tree taper candles

Make your home merry and bright with modern arrangements of candles. Group together similarly colored festive candles of varying heights and widths, and be sure to include some fun festive shapes, like these cream tree taper candles. Work them into the rest of your decor with the addition of greenery and ornaments, and include a scented holiday candle for peak coziness and Christmas appeal. A sleek match cloche kept close by makes it easy to get your candles lit as you settle down in front of your favorite holiday movie.

14. Throw pillows

Festive Throw Cushions

Bring some instant Christmas cheer to your sofa or bedroom with festive throw cushions. For a modern Christmas look, opt for geometric patterns with pops of red or green. A plaid cushion in a seasonal color will add instant warmth and coziness, or choose pillows embroidered with seasonal phrases and scenes for a truthful joyful cushion combination. 

15. Glammed up greenery

Faux eucalyptus berry branch

There’s no need to limit your Christmas greenery to pines. Hang varying types of greenery around your home for a more modern native Christmas vibe. Use mixes of faux greenery for a natural and minimal front door garland, or create a show-stopping table centerpiece by adding in some dried florals or a faux eucalyptus berry branch for a pop of festive red. 

16. Feeling Fruity

Festive Pine needles

Trade in the sprigs of holly for dried citrus slices for a Christmas decor that’s instantly modern and fresh. Dried orange garlands intertwined with faux greenery look gorgeous draped over doorways or stair banisters. For a home that smells like the holidays, add a bowl of clementines and pine needles to your coffee table. Fresh fruits are a great Christmas decor idea too. Pile up fresh oranges, lemons, figs or clementines in a rustic wooden bowl for delicious, edible decorations.  

17. Garlands

Faux winter cedar greenery

A lush festive garland can add a touch of Christmas spirit anywhere in your home. Drape a strand of faux greenery over doorways or a mirror, or drape it loosely down a flight of stairs for a contemporary take on classic banister decorations. For fresh, modern Christmas decor, make a statement by including an asymmetrical garland over your fireplace or in your hallway by layering up different strands of faux greenery. 

18. Tree Ornaments

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Think beyond the traditional tinsel and ornaments for this year’s tree decorations. Add fun and texture with some adorable felt decorations, an easy and delightful way to bring some quirky personality to your decor. If you’re after a more minimalist Christmas decor, give your tree an instant modern makeover with some simple geometric ornaments in gold or brass. 

19. Bells

Gold Bells

Jingle all the way to your dream modern Christmas decor with the addition of some strategically placed gold bells. Include them in your wreath, entwine them in a staircase garland or style them with greenery on your mantle for a look that’s modern yet nostalgic.

20. Tableware 

Festive tableware

While you’re waiting for Santa, curl up with some warm cocoa in a festive mug. This adorable gnome mug will bring some Christmas quirk to your mug cabinet and make you smile every time you take a sip.  

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